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Advantages of Offering Discount to Customers

Advantages of Offering Discount to Customers

Monday, April 8th, 2013

So you want to draw people in to your store? Or want to increase your sales? All that you need to do is: Offer Discounts. This way, you are not only helping people to understand that they will be saving money but you are also drawing them quickly into your store. These potential customers then go on to become your valued customers and you will definitely be able to seek all their attention.

Connecting link between Increased Sales and Increased Reputation – Discounts:
Yes, you heard us right. Discount, in many ways, acts as a special ingredient to bring in success to your business. Everybody around looks for sale, keeping in mind the psychology of the customer at that particular time, discount serves a s a ploy to attract, impress and sell. Advertise and communicate to let people know from beforehand the number of days of the sale period and the items on which you are putting your highest discounts.
You can then sit back and watch people flocking in and leaving with more number of purchases than they’d actually planned to get for themselves.

Sales Increased:
On attracting more traffic to your shop, you are also attracting the ideal situation of Increased Sales. Undoubtedly, it’s the discount that attracts people but it will also be pleasing to the eyes of other potential customers as well. Simply because when we see the traffic at one particular shop our curiosity increases leading us to try the same thing for ourselves.
Moreover, if you can end up buying a trouser for yourself , there are high chances that you might also look around for that matching shirt too.

Giving it away:
Sometimes due to the reversal of trends in the industry you tend to decide not selling those particular articles, out of fashion, anymore. Go ahead and discount them, the chances that it will be sold remains high as well as you have space to market new items that are in vogue at present.

Market your New product :
Offer those new products on a minimum sale and see how it fares up amongst the customers. It will generate word of mouth publicity as well as create a sense of curiosity amongst all.

Attractive Generous Offers:
Senior citizens and students are famous in creating awareness among their respective age group customers. Their enthusiasm and love for your services can increase the traffic at a go and will end up bringing lot of good will to your business

Before it Expires:
Perishable Goods should be used much before their expiry date. You can reduce the price the sell it it away to people who are in need of it. This way it is helpful to somebody and you are saved from disposing and wasting these types of products.

So what are you all waiting for? Adopt a meticulous approach and play it safe.
Good luck.

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